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18-ton Horizontal Boiler Climax Geared Steam Locomotive

Now includes cast metal boiler as standard!

Uses a Kato 11-105, 106, or 107 chassis   $59 plus shipping & insurance

13-ton Vertical Boiler Climax Geared Steam Locomotive

Uses a Kato 11-105, 106, or 107 chassis $54 plus shipping & insurance

CF7 Diesel Conversion Kit  

Uses Atlas GP7 mechanism, non-dynamic brake version.  $49 plus shipping & insurance

          Atlas GP15-1 or Bachmann GP7 mechanism may be modified for this body shell as an alternative chassis. 
Brass photoengravings available to finish JnJ resin  CF7 shell for $29 plus shipping
ATSF Hexagonal Phone Booth  

My first rapid-prototype printed model.  Available from Shapeways online store in Frosted Ultra Detail material.

Click on photo for more information! 

Whitcomb 65-ton Centercab Diesel Switcher

Uses Tomytec TM03,05, 06 or 07 chassis $44 plus shipping & insurance  (now includes body weights and etched brass steps)

orefin11.jpg (51318 bytes) V&T Ore Car - 3-pack kit

With Micro Trains low-profile wheels  $17 plus shipping 

Waffle-Sided 40' Piggyback Trailer  

Waffle-sided Piggyback trailer used in the 1960's-1970's by many trailer leasing companies and railroads.  $14 plus shipping 

Powered Express Reefer ("Cheater Boxcar") (frame adapter only)

Uses Tomytec TM05, 06 or 07 chassis + MT or Athearn/MDC body shell. $24 plus shipping 

GE 70-ton Diesel  

Uses a Kato 11-105, 106, or 107 chassis 

       All complete kits have now been sold. Some photoetched parts and component parts still available - contact me for details.
  Products offered for sale on this web page are NOT TOYS
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