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N scale Whitcomb 65-ton centercab slant 
Standard WWII-era "Slant cab" version

N scale Whitcomb 65-ton centercab straight

Post WWII-Whitcomb modified "Straight cab" (side skirts removed too)

N scale 65-ton Whitcomb centercab elevated

Elevated centercab version

New!  Narrow-Gauge Nn3 Whitcomb !  Fits on an AZL Z scale GP7 chassis (8x8 power)

Shown with wire handrails - Add $25.       D&RGW 50 Nn3 version finished by Ken Cemer - Thanks for the photo!

Italian-rebuilt D143 "Truman" class Whitcomb!  

N D143 Italian 65-ton Whitcomb "Truman"

Italian Ne120 and D143 "Truman" cabs - no extra cost - request with order!  Ne120 includes exhaust stacks, D143 includes roof housing!

N scale Whitcomb italian Ne120 cab castingN scale Whitcomb italian D143 cab casting


N scale 65-ton Whitcomb conversion kit parts

Kit parts - showing all three available cabs    Etched brass steps now standard.

$44. + shipping and optional insurance

This conversion kit uses the Tomytec (Tomix) TM01, 02, 03. 05, 06 or 07 chassis (available separately) to produce a 65-ton Whitcomb centercab switcher in many different configurations. This is a brand-new, copyrighted kit only available in extremely limited quantities..

The mechanism is a proven 4-wheel drive (with traction tire), 8-wheel pickup Japanese mechanism used for various trolley-style mechanisms in the Tomytec line. The TM06 and TM07 mechanisms are currently made and available separately.   Previously-produced shorter Tomytec mechanisms models TM01, 02, and 03 will also work just fine, and if you can get them, are a little less work to convert.  Each TM-series chassis varies in overall length and sideframes.  The currently-available TM03 and TM07 appears to have the best sideframes to modify for this project.  The kit was originally designed to fit the TM05 with minimal modification.

N scale 65-ton Whitcomb Tomytec mechanism

Modified TM05 mechanism in new frame

New as of 6-01-12 - Now includes photoengraved brass steps (the GE 70-tonner steps turned out to also work well with this kit for a much improved stop appearance. 

New as of 12-20-08 - custom-cast metal weights to precisely fit the shell for proper weighting and precise clearance to the motor and flywheels:

Heres what you get:

Replacement resin frame to fit the Tomytec parts, with corrected wheelbase.
Cast resin hood featuring grilles, exhaust stacks, full door and hinge details, and removable fuel tank side skirting

ONE of FIVE cab variations (your choice) of WWII US Army Transportation Corps original slant-sided (European clearance) cab, post-WWII Whitcomb-converted straight-sided cab, elevated center cab, Italian Ne120 or Italian D143 "Truman" cabs. All fit on the same hood casting.

Separately-cast steps
Fuel tank casting that is metal-filled for additional weight (new!)
2 custom-made metal weights that fit the hood contour for weight, and include clearance slots for headlight wires
Metal splice bar properly drilled to shorten stock TM05/6/7 driveshaft
Custom color inkjet decal artwork sheet featuring the following:
W. R. Grace #2900
Black safety striping
Red safety striping
Midwest Steel and various numbers (fictional)
Columbus & Greenville #s 41 and 42
Tacoma Municipal Belt Railway #903 and 904
Lehigh Portland Cement "Radio Controlled" lettering
Everett Railroad 

The model includes a 20+ page instruction manual loaded with history, online photo references, assembly tips, photos, painting tips, and a detailed illustrated guide to producing soldered brass handrails. This Adobe .PDF formatted document can be e-mailed in advance (and prior to auction close) if you furnish me with your e-mail address, so there are no surprises on tools and skill levels required.

Parts will have basic flash removal performed from the castings and cab side windows opened.  Cab will best test-fitted (but not glued) to the cab. Other flash removal and part finishing is done by the assembler.


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