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10/20/18   After my initial dabbling in Nn3 with custom-builds of the Whitcomb 65-tonner, it's on to the next idea - finally doing an Nn3 version of the Climax A's.   Initial tests with the Rohokan shorty in Z scale as a test chassis appear successful and adaptive parts are underway.

4/13/15 It will take a couple weeks, but the 1960's waffle-sided 40' piggyback trailer is being made as fast as I can make them before the spring shutdown.   This is a unique model used by XTRA leasing (XTRZ) and also leased to several other railroads such as B&O.   As soon as I can get instructions written these are a go.

These were very common on several railroads including Santa Fe, and can be seen as the 'odd dark trailer with horizontal ribs' in many shots of second-generation piggyback trains including the Super C.   They were used until supplanted by more modern 45-foot and longer trailers in the mid-late 70's.

Here's a quick sneak peek....it does exist....   These have molded up exceptionally well so far.  Kit will include trailer body, wheels, axles, styrene for the placards and mud flaps.  Easy assembly!

09/16/12 The CF7 is now moved to its own page.  It's going to be a while before I take anything else on!  Meanwhile, everything will be back in production for fall 2012.   

03/03/09 --  Ore cars are moved out! Hmmm.  Now what...But the 'big project' that's been around forever is still waiting.... 

06/25/08   -- The 70-tonner is in production, and the workbench is cleared for the 'next great project'....stay tuned, I'm not ready to blow my cover just yet.  But I'll give you a clue, I've already scratchbuilt these before...... now it's time for the kit. 

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