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GE 70-ton Dummy Unit!


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I've modified my 70-tonner kit with new parts for either a dummy/display unit, or a flatcar load.

On real railroads, shipping small diesel locomotives by rail has become very difficult due to non-compliant wheel bearings and obsolete braking systems.

Most now travel long distances by flatcar rather than their own wheels.  This makes for a memorable special flatcar load on your layout.  Now a GE 70-tonner can appear almost anywhere!   Click here to see the inspiration for this kit  - Waterloo Central 18 2009 and an article page at Canadian Railroad Observations.

This kit option has a new lightweight resin frame that can be set for two heights - scale 13'6" for a flatcar load, or matched to the slightly higher level of the Kato 11-105 frame powered models

Cast resin sideframes fit right onto filed MT freight car trucks (not supplied) and fit into the bolsters.

The end result is a lightweight (only 10.6 grams) and low-cost (no mechanism required)  locomotive kit that can be used either as a dummy / display unit or a flatcar load.

Kit is shown on N Scale Kits 60' cast metal flatcar (not included) available at  N Scale Kits 60' Flatcar     Flatcar model by Rick Peltz         Contact me for more information on M&ET decals

With the resin frame, the unit scales out exactly to 13'6" top of rail to top of cab. This allows a flatcar load that fits clearances of a scale 19' top of rail to top of cab.

Price for the kit with frame, photoetched parts & details remains $59 plus shipping, resin tank option only.


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