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If you're looking for some of the most unusual, and rare, of 1:160 N scale kitbuilding experiences, or getting that 'one of a kind' model finished the way you've always wanted, you've found the right place!  I've been in N scale since 1972, and making kits and models on a very limited basis for the last several years.  It's steadily growing, and now we're here!

Custom N Scale Models and Conversion Kits

I've been scratchbuilding for years, and recent developments in materials and techniques have allowed me to share my models with others. 

I've enjoyed researching and producing unusual models that have never been made before in N scale, and could never afford to be mass-produced.  

The introduction of the Kato "B Train" 11-105 chassis began a series of scratchbuilding experiments that culminated in the development of a series of copyrighted conversion kits for this extraordinary and inexpensive chassis.  The newest Tomytec chassis series started another line based on that high-quality product.

Each model is developed over months of time, by hand.  Master parts are produced, and molds and engravings are made.  Parts are made of cast resin, cast low-temperature casting metal, and photoengraved brass.   

The resin models are hand-poured and trimmed, and often include options specific to different prototype variations.   They fit over existing commercial chassis offered by various companies such as Kato and Tomytec of Japan with as little modification as possible, usually limited to disassembly and material removal.

Each conversion kit includes a set of instructions that have been considered 'the best'.  I load them up with all the information I can, include all the close-up assembly photos available, and then produce an Adobe Acrobat instruction set that I can send you via e-mail BEFORE you ever order the kit, to make sure you feel comfortable with the skills and tools required.  No surprises!

While I always try to have a few kits and models in inventory, please contact me in advance to check on availability.  See 'Ordering' for details.

I've been selling conversion kits and finished models on Ebay for nearly seven years, and am proud of the positive reaction and feedback of my customers.  It's only that support and encouragement that has led me to list the kits on a regular basis here.

These are NOT TOYS, and are certainly not recommended for children, or for the parts and/or models to be left in unsupervised areas.  They contain very small parts and delicate parts for both the kits and finished models.   

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